The Reservoir Isolation Tool (RIT) is a bidirectional ball valve system which can hold pressure from above and below. The RIT can be remotely open by user defined cycles and it can independently be open and close via matching shifting tool.

The RIT Reservoir isolation tool is a bidirectional barrier valve used in oil and gas wells to isolate reservoir fluids in the lower completion. It features a sealing ball design providing a higher differential pressure rating compared to flapper-type fluid loss prevention devices.It meets and exceeds API 19V/ISO 28781 V3 standards, making it suitable for various applications, including intelligent, multizone, gravel-pack, frac-pack, stand-alone screen completions, as well as suspension and temporary abandonment of wells in challenging environments like deepwater and underbalanced perforating.

The valve’s opening and closing mechanisms are notable. It employs customizable one-time remote-opening mechanism, eliminating the need for intervention to open the valve. Tubing pressure cycles are applied to trigger the opening mechanism, allowing testing of various components before reconnecting with the reservoir.

Additionally, the RIT can be opened and closed mechanically multiple times using a shifting tool, before or after the remote actuation, which can be run at the end of a washpipe, perforating string, or coiled tubing. The shifting tool engages the valve’s shifting profile to open or close the ball valve.