The HydroBrown I Production Packer is a retrievable, double-grip, production packer. It set using hydraulic pressure on the tubing string and retrieved by straight pull. The packer features no downward mandrel movement during setting so it can be run in stacked applications. This feature eliminates the need for staging setting pressures between packers, since all packers are set simultaneously.

The HydroBrown I packer is ideally suited for running below dual string packers as well, and may be set after the well has been flanged up.

With the HydroBrown I packer, the tubing may be landed in tension, compression or neutral, in deviated and horizontal holes. It may also be run in applications using gas lift mandrels and safety valves where tubing rotation is not desirable. If needed, the HydroBrown packer may be run with tubing compensating equipment such as tubing seal receptacles, PBR’s and expansion joints.


  • Adjustable straight pull release;
  • Can be landed in tension, neutral or compression;
  • No downward mandrel movement for stacked applications;
  • Elastomer and metallurgical options available for hostile environments;
  • Compensating piston counteracts pressure from below;
  • Works with tubing disconnect tools and expansion joints;
  • Can be run with On-Off Tool and wireline plug to act as a bridge plug
  • Ideal for use with fiberglass tubing, or coil tubing


Additional sizes available upon request