The HydroBrown II ESP Packer is a dual-string hydraulic-set double-grip retrievable production packer meant to be ran above an ESP assembly. The versatile HydroBrown-II is also available with additional feedthroughs for Vent valves, chemical-injection lines, control lines, and well-monitoring devices.


  • Deviated and horizontal wells
  • High-volume instrumented applications
  • Well monitoring, gas venting, chemical injection, and hydraulic-line access


  • Adjustable Shear Release;
  • Release shear pins not affected by differential pressures;
  • Short and compact, ideal for doglegs and deviated wells;
  • Straight-pull release on long string;
  • Optional swivel sub on long string for easy make-up;
  • No mandrel movement: can be run in stacked packer applications;
  • Can be pressure-tested before running;
  • Additional control line and vent valve feed through capability available;
  • No hydraulic hold-down buttons


Temporarily plug the long string below the packer and apply tubing pressure. The packer should now be fully set and can be. If running stacked packers, all packers may be set simultaneously as the setting mechanism of one packer does not affect the setting of adjacent packers.
The packer is released by a straight pick up, shear-release on the long string.

Additional sizes available upon request