The BROWNSET I-X Mechanical Packer is a high pressure, retrievable, ¼ right-hand turn set and release production packer that has the versatility to be landed in tension, compression, or neutral position. The BROWNSET I-X Mechanical Packer is available in different version

  • BROWNSET I-X 5K & /K economical versions in 80k material
  • BROWNSET I-X  10K & HP version in P110 or other material

The BROWNSET I-X 10K and HP packer is the high-pressure version of the BROWNSET I-X packer. The packer ranges in sizes from 2 7/8 up to 7’’. Other sizes are available upon request.


  • Available in different materials to meet various pressure applications;
  • Can be set using tension or compression;
  • Right-hand 1/4 turn set and release
  • Field-proven easy to release retrieving system with optional safety-rotational release
  • Bypass located below upper slips to wash debris off slips once opened.
  • Readily converts to wireline set – tubing retrieval (select sizes)
  • Can be run with On-Off Tool and wireline plug to act as a bridge plug
  • Can be left in tension, compression, or neutral position
  • Extra large Jay Pin for extra strength during frac operations
  • Ideal for use with fiberglass tubing